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Surf Lesson Courses Portrush

1-to-1 Surf Lessons

1-to-1 Surf Lessons

As the title says, one to one tuition with a fully qualified surf instructor. The 1-to-1 is aimed at intermediate to advanced surfers who wish to be out the back working on:

All lessons have the option of a Video to play back after your session.
Edited group Video: £25 // Video analysis 1-to-1: £30

Photo Packs: Group shots: £20 for 5 photos or £5 per person per photo.

  • Catching Unbroken Green Waves
  • Turning Techniques
  • More Advanced Manuvoures
  • 1 Hour lesson
  • £40 per lesson

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Surf Lessons - What you will learn

During your Surf Lesson our instructor will teach and demonstrate the following:

  • Surf Safety
  • Ocean Awareness
  • The Basics Of Surfing
  • Paddling The Board
  • Catching Waves
  • Standing Up On The Board
  • Wave Selection
  • Turning Techniques
  • Basic Surf Etiquette

By taking a Surf Lesson which covers all these basic elements you will be well on your way to surfing. After just one lesson most people can get to their feet on the surfboards.